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VisualStat is a comprehensive visual statistics package. It incorporates all the descriptive statistics, parametric and non parametric statistical methods, charts and data transforms you will need for processing, analyzing and presenting data. All tests have associated report which gives you a short conclusion and other facts to assist in getting the right one for the job.

VisualStat is designed to be a point-and-click, walk-up-and-use product that harnesses the power of interactive statistical graphics to serve the analysis needs of the researcher. VisualStat provides a facility for statistical analysis and exploration.

VisualStat offers descriptive statistics and simple analyzes for beginning statisticians and complex model fitting for advanced researchers. Standard statistical analysis and specialty platforms for design of experiments, and statistical quality control provide the tools you need to analyze data and see results quickly.

When you're using VisualStat dialog boxes, at any time you can get help on the exact steps you should take by pressing the F1 key.